Her is the latest creation from the DnA cave, it started life as a humble Kawasaki ZG750C, then found herself on the race track sporting a new 810cc barrel, cams and other goodies. She also has an Ohlins rear shock, Brembo calipers and radial master cylinder to help with stopping. Also fitted is a tiny Motogadget dispay in the top yoke.

Front wheel is a custom GSXR 36 spoke hub in late model GSXR USD forks. I fab”d a custom front fender to finish it all off. The rear was a bit more of a challenge as we wanted a spoked rear to match the front. It now sports a 40 spoke black 5″ rim onto a matching hub with custom billet rear caliper carrier and brace.

The swing arm is from a 93 GSXR adding some length to the chassis. I made the rear subframe and repaired some interesting work that was done whe n the Ohlins was first fitted.

Next was to ditch the old carbs ready for some Mikuni RS34 D21 smooth bore pumpers with special filters hidden in the velocity stacks. To help all this escape some new stainless steel headers were made into “rocket launcher” mufflers that sit up underneath the belly of the beast. CBR rearsets were modded to fit the frame and custom pillion mounts were made that can be removed for that super clean look.

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